How I buy Digital Note (XDN)

Digital Note is really cheap at the moment – many expect this to be before the big gains that other cryptocurrencies have seen.  Due to this, there is a lot of interest in acquiring XDN. One route is mining, the other is to buy it.  I’m going to talk about how I buy XDN here.

There are two routes to take depending upon your circumstances:

1. You have a cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) that you want to use to buy Digital Note. 

If you already have some cryptocurrency I’d recommend using a service such as Changelly.  This is what I have used to turn my BTC and ETH into XDN.  The website is clear and pretty straightforward (it does list USD & GBP as currencies to pay in, but whenever I do this I always receive 0 XDN as the estimated amount).

Once you have told the site how much you want to deposit, it will tell you how much XDN it estimates you’ll get (note this is not exact as the actual amount you get will vary depending on when the transaction actually take place).

Following through the site you’ll be told where to deposit your BTC, ETH etc.  This is a standard transfer in your original currency to Changelly’s wallet.  You need to tell it where to put the resulting XDN (i.e. your Digital Note wallet address).

After this it is all automatic – note this takes time, it can be hours.  When I have used it, the initial BTC transfer is done within an hour, but it took overnight to credit the XDN to my wallet.  Maybe I was unlucky, but I got the XDN reliably each time.

2. You want to buy Digital Note with fiat currency (USD, GBP, EUR)

This is a little harder (but not insurmountable)  Whilst Changelly states that you can deposit in USD or GBP, I’ve not been convinced by this (I hope this changes as it looks very convenient).

The route I take (which is a little more expensive) is to buy BTC from fiat currency, then follow the process above for transferring cryptocurrency via Changelly.

I use coinbase to buy my crypto currencies (if you follow this link we both get the BTC equivalent of $10 free when you buy $100 or equivalent in your currency).  I’d recommend coinbase as it’s simple to use.  If you want something more advanced try Bitmex (but it may be overkill), or paxful which is more of a peer to peer BTC trade platform.

I’d really like to find a platform that enables me to buy XDN directly from fiat currency – if anyone knows of this please comment below…



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