What is Digital Note (XDN)?

Digital Note is an open & emerging cryptocurrency, with the first block coming into existence in May 2014.

Unlike high profile cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Digital Note has some pretty cool features built into it:

  1. It has privacy at its core.  Each of the transactions are completely anonymous, and all the messages sent across the network are encrypted.  Transactions are not traceable.
  2. Deposits.  It is possible to deposit your DigitalNotes (similar to a traditional savings account) for set periods of time and receive interest on those deposits.
  3. Miner friendly. The problem for mining a currency like bitcoin is that specific hardware, known as ASICS, are far superior than standard CPUs or GPUs.  The supply of these is restricted so bitcoin mining is only available to a select few (who in turn control the network).  Things are different with DigitalNote – the proof of work mining approach is resistant to ASICS and runs very well on home computers.
  4. Cheap.  Transaction fees are low – the minimum is 0.001 XDN.
  5. It is completely decentralised, open source, and fair.

Under the hood, Digital Note uses Cryptonote (as does Monero (XMR), which is how some platforms such as MinerGate allow you to mine XDN and XMR at the same time).

There is a lot of interest in XDN as an investment due to its relatively low price; many expect the price to increase in the future due to XDN’s unique properties – potentially as part of a wider crypto movement away from BTC.


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